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Originally Posted by Sandman99 View Post
If I move forward with the M3, it would be a DD for I guess it is even more important to have a winter wheel/tire setup...
i would say you should get the winter tires if it's a DD.

You need to also do the calculation on mounting costs to figure out whether in your timeframe it's worth buying just a dedicated wheel setup and you can just install yourself. For me it was 5 seasons (10 swaps for winter-summer, summer-winter) which is my breakeven.

I think by next winter I'm at a breakeven point, beyond it, it would be cheaper for me to buy the wheel setup. I'm banking on the moving out of DC area to California. You may be banking on length of car ownership or moving, and factor time and effort, etc. I do my swaps at the dealership, so I get a loaner and save on time.