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Originally Posted by NELSON.MLGB View Post
I only use Moly oil for my M, Redline to me is a cheap brand. German oil for German which makes the most sense. In terms of oil type, 10w60 is the best and the only oil being used for S65. Sure you can run 4w50 or watever cheap oil, but the life of ur S65 will be shorter than those who use the right one. Moe, I suggest dat you use the Castrol one for now since you are still under warranty, cuz if anything happen to ur motor, Calgary BMW will blame on the Moly oil that you used for your engine.
I don't see Redline as a cheap brand. They have been building synthetic oils for racing and street use for a long time. The chemists that work there are car enthusiasts and have a drive to make the best products for their cars. Also, their oil costs more than most oil that you normally buy.

If you go to the motor oil forums, Redline is usually one of the top performers. They use a 100% Group V Ester formulation which is a higher grade base stock than that found in Castrol 10w60 and any commercial grade motor oil.