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Originally Posted by Sandman99 View Post
Obviously snow had been almost non-existent the past 2 years...but doesn't just the cold temps affect the performance of the tires?
yes, but we haven't gotten the really cold temps, or any consistency in those temps this year. Our cold temps are around 20 degrees, so I can't feel the difference on my summer tires. Just to be on the safe side, I decide to swap this winter, i did it in mid-January too. I usually swap around November. My summer tires go back on in April.

It's ice that you have to worry about with summer tires.

I don't drive my car to work, so this car gets most of it's work over the weekends and about 3 weekday nights a week. I was really debating this year whether I could get away with summers this year. I woudl have limited my driving during certain days....