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Originally Posted by Joekerr View Post

I was already seeing this week's greatest internet story. "Individual seeks electrical advice from online forum, is trolled - fire department called" And then as a subline "Troll seeks police protection".

Ok, am glad everything worked out for you though. Electricity is nothing I'd ever play with, I know my limits. And back in high school, I was always the kid whose light never lit up after completing the circuit board...looked like a freaking idiot all the time, every time. Hated electrical shop. Liked automotive and woodworking though.
I was expecting something to short-circuit, but all went well... phewwwww haha.

And yes, i'm on the same boat as you with electricity... when i was young, i burst 2 bulbs screwing them in - so i've always respected electricity - and tried not to mess with it. This project seems simple enough, so i went for it!

Originally Posted by Maestro View Post
That is the key point, if 3 wires are needed then the fixture should be grounded. Most time the grounding is needed if something fails in the fixture and you do not want metal parts having 120V on them and then touching them. Just keep this in mind before you do anything.

Also you do not need extension cord, you just need plug cord and Lowes and Home Depot have this for repairing lamps fixtures. You will also need wire nuts or solder the wire to the fixture. You will also need something thing to secure the wires to the fixture so it will not pull out. Depending on the fixture it may or may not have it own switch if it does that is great, if not then you will need a way to turn the lights on. either install a swtich or get lamp cord with a built in switch.

below are some ideas

Now is you dealing with 3 sire set up use this

and just get 3 conductor wire and buy it by the foot

18 gauge my be over kill but here is what you would be looking for
Maestro, Thanks for the huge heads up! Definitely great advice. Since my first "project" worked okay, I'll probably mess with this quite a bit more in the future. That cord repair kit is just what i need for my next project - wasn't sure if they sold that... and i wasn't going to spend $100 for wires and plugs - so i just went w/ the 3-wire electrical cord.

Picture below on my small project (nothing fancy, just wanted to get some lights on the new makeup vanity i got for my fiance)... wired both lights together. Thanks again for all the helpful advice - guys!
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