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335 to M3...or M4...

After reading the 'M3 migration to M4' post...The majority opinion appears to be a wait of a year or two until the bugs are worked out of the M4 before possibly moving on to the next iteration...but here is my dilemma (albeit a good one to have I guess)...and I would appreciate any input...

I moved from an F10 550i to the current 335i I have...F10 was way to numb and torquey...although super quick for its weight and size. I thought the 335 would give me more of the 'driving' feel all of you experience everyday in your M3s...and while it does do that it doesn't feel as connected as I would like...

So my dilemma...move forward with the current M3...NA V8 is appealing to me...or wait for the new M4 which will be some more powerful version of the engine I have now...