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Originally Posted by Richbot View Post
A good no-sunroof car is going to be a tough get. I wish you luck. I can tell you I do not miss the tech package at all, but I would miss the heated seats, fold-down seats are a must for transporting tires, and I would miss the homelink/dimming mirrors from the premium package
Well Rich it took a LOT longer than I ever expected (1 year hunt, I'm one patient fool I guess), but I bought a 2011 E90 M3 with no sunroof and the options I want (tech, premium, heated seats, 6MT). I had to settle for Silverstone II much to my wife's dismay, but once I found this 16k miles car with CPO that literally looks brand new, I jumped on it. The original owner never drove it in bad weather apparently, and took simply unreal care of the car. When inspecting it, I had to keep telling myself it wasn't a new car as I'd forget at times.

I *love* the S65. Having now had my S62-powered M5 for starting its 10th year with me, it's a great contrast, but I seriously have such a better appreciation for the S65 now (and I've only owned it for 3 days). After having spent time (2 days) in an F10 and (3 days) in an F30, I decided that BMW has left me behind with those behemoths as I have zero desire to own either one of those hulking beasts. So thoughts of an F80 M3 are dead to me, and I've been a BMW fanatic since 1971. Really weird. I think they're going to get hung out to dry with these monster-sized cars at some point like Detroit in the mid-70s.

Anyway, back to autocross. My plans are mainly *fun* as opposed to serious national level competition (yet anyway). I'm just going to run it in my local club's street tire pax indexed group as we have a ton of folks coming to compete in that class. The car doesn't have EDC, and so far I've been impressed with the stock shocks -- not sure if I'll go the route you did with shocks at some point. I wonder how well it'd work though with simple Koni SAs...might find out.

I plan to keep the E39 M5 forever, and after the direction BMW is going and how enamored I am in the 3 days with the E90 M3, I'm thinking this car is going to be with me a long time (which is typical with me...we still have the Volvo 850R wagon we bought 17 years ago, lol).

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