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Originally Posted by M3This View Post
The Z Tuned was actually around 100K US ... but demand was so high (Like buying an Enzo) that they where actually selling for around 200K US.

The Base GTR was really in the 50-60K US range when it was on sale in Japan ... if you look at used ones in Japan you will see they are like 30Kish now. Its just a matter of importing them that makes the price go up.
Z-Tuned's MSRP was 20,000,000 yen

and if you got a qualified R34, Nismo could tune it into Z-Tuned Spec for 13-15 million yen

R34 GTR started from late 5m, V-Spec II was close to 6.7m, then the M-Spec, NuR and N1 versions were well over 7m

yen and USD were an easy conversion, its pretty much roughly removing the last 2 zeros and you get the USD price.

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