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Originally Posted by JBasham View Post
I have been using it in 5W-30 on my other BMWs for DIY oil changes since I read the article in Bava's Fast Times newsletter ( Will use the 10W60 for DIY changes in my E92 M3 -- there's already some waiting in my garage.

Not sure what to think about BMW brand recommendations. First they're telling me to only use Top Tier gasoline dealers in the U.S. Then they tell me they recommend BP (not Top Tier). There seems to be some play in the joints with this stuff.

To each his own.
Originally Posted by Radiation Joe View Post

I'm running a mix of Redline 40W race and 5W-30 street. It'll outlast all of you.

Realistically, you can run almost any of the modern synthetics and not worry about your motor. People on this board who are clueless about oil will tell you the world will end if you don't run Castrol 10W-60.
I can see using different brands..but weights?

Why run radically different weights... what are the advantages?

Im not a chemical engineer, I dont know what happens to oil on a molecular level, inside an engine.. so I use the OEM....but there are always folks out there who seem to think they know better than the engineers who built the car..Is it hubris? ..rebel without a cause?