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ooff what a nightmare man. It's really tough to tell on the pic. In one pic, it looks okay, then 3rd pic the way light reflects, it's not even close. I say based on my best judgement, it's still off!

You really need to take this to a shop that knows what they're doing. You're not taking a "insurance recommended" shop are you? Find the best body shop out there that has a track record of matching BMW factory paint. Mineral white is difficult to do since it has the metallic flakes, and in all 3 pics, it looks like they're missing that part of it in the paint.

There's a shop out here in the DC metro area that always has Audi R8s, BMWs, MB, Bentleys etc in their lot with body damage. Those are the type of shops that know what they're doing.

Can we ask what metro area you're based in? There HAS to be a shop out there that can get it done. What about your BMW dealer recommended body shop? Usually they have a relationship where they can get the proper paint color mix from BMW. (not that it's a secret) But they would have experience.