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So furious - almost got rearended

Why do people in AWD cars feel the need to harass M3's in the snow? Was just driving the M3 from the gym, and a dude in Subie Forrester starts driving about a meter or two from my rear bumper, which is pretty stupid given unplowed roads. So I put on hazards for a moment - no effect. Next intersection he skids a bit stopping behind me - I lower the window and try to signal him to stay back - no effect. So I think to myself - next chance I pull over and let this dumbass go through. Guess what - before I can do that, a car in front of me slows down to let someone turn left, I slow down gradually too, looking in the mirror, and see the Subie sliding towards me (probably not even winter tires). Then the moron turns or skids left into the upcoming traffic lane, which luckily was empty, so he did not hit anyone. I drove away, even though it was tempting to engage in a conversation.

The point of the post - be careful, even if you know what you are doing and have winter tires, there are plenty of idiots over there who believe that 4wd beats physics...