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Originally Posted by Templar View Post
Question for you CPA's and smart tax folks. I'm active duty Army, so I feel that I have little to no control over my income. Is it even possible for me to adjust my withholding so that I do not get a refund and do not owe anything come tax time? I don't know of any method I could use to do so in the military... I usually always get a refund. Depending on deployed time, it can be a lot or not so much, but I don't remember a year since I started filing taxes that I haven't gotten a refund.
Sorry bro. Got no military clients so I have no idea if military even has a W-4. To get the perfect paycheck though, you need to figure out your tax for the year ( has a nice web tool) and divide it by # of paychecks you get. Then go to Put your income in and keep increasing the federal deductions until you reach the amount you got earlier. For state, do the same. GL!

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