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Originally Posted by DKM3 View Post
A fully loaded 13 would cost about 78 + License + Tax + etc... (BS and Dealership pricing) with the mods including the full akra, SC, and carbon bits the price would be well in excess of 84. Not looking for a sucker on this one just a person who is well versed in the value of the car.

Regardless thank you for the input.
84K is a deal for this car...low miles, SC kit and misc mods...
if it was a Red...I would offer u close to taht price..

Bump for you buddy...

Originally Posted by landonvan View Post
Just so we are clear. It is a beautiful car. All I was saying is. Excellent condition 2011 m3 every option is 55k+13kSC+6k exhaust+3k misc. Is 77k. You never get the full value of everything you have done to it. Just because you put 22k into doesn't mean you tack that on. A percentage sure.
So my offer stands at 65k. I understand if you can't.
65K? lmao...then again u drive a 325. *cheep Cheep*