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Originally Posted by Rapture View Post
Nice set up!
Do you think there might be tire rub issues on the ducting especially with a 10"/275 set up?
Originally Posted by dex37 View Post
Looks really great. It looks quite well built. It comes pre-shaped so you probably won't have any rubbing at full lock, right?
Unfortunately, there is rubbing at full lock; there are compromises here. BMW did not design their car to accomodate these parts HPC made. This is a RACE part not for the timid and not designed for characteristics of street driving (doing u turns at stop lights...). With a 10" rim on a 265 Michelin PSC tire there is plenty of turning radius for competitive racing (about 70% of steering is left) with the duct installed. There is massive rubbing on a Porsche GT3 RSR straight from the Weissach factory. At Flying Lizard MS the front rims needed to be modified in order to gain a reasonable and acceptable amount of steering radius.

There are clients who have this kit installed (Kris Von Sydow at VS MS) who use steering locks to limit steering radius.

HPC potentially can fabricate a Kevlar duct with other special materials, it will flex and distort and will not be harmed by the rubber tire or rim. HPC is actively looking into guaranteeing the kevlar wheel duct for those that have issues and providing free replacements. However, this will undoubtedly add on to the cost.

People running 19's and lowered more than 1.8" with camber will also rub massively at full lock.

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