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Mike Benvo's software flash

Had Mike Benvo flash and code my 2010 E90 M3. Don't post here often, but figured I'd share.

Dynoed my car on same dyno in 5th gear few hours apart:

My car is almost stock:
- AFE Intake
- AFE underdrive pulleys
- Eisenmann Street Exhaust

To me the biggest improvement was in throttle response at low RPM. It's a lot smoother and very easy to modulate. The initial tip-in on throttle is a lot less jerky, yet strong. I swear it feels like it has more torque down there. If it's a placebo effect at play, I SURE LIKE IT. Overall, it feels as if car pulls from the very bottom to the red line a lot smoother. It just begins to build and builds and builds and builds all the way to the top. Definitely feels a little stronger than before.

He also flashed Euro MDM and Euro M-DCT software. Can't comment on Euro MDM yet, but I will once I get to play with it a little more.

Euro M-DCT feels better. It's hard to explain exactly what is better. Full throttle upshifts definitely feel different in a good way. Smoother yet just as quick. The only thing I don't like about it, it now always defaults to D when going from R/N to D/S. So it's two bumps now for me as I don't go into MDM/S5 right away which is what my (M) button is programmed for.

He also coded a bunch of options for me, made my angel eyes brighter, few other convenience options.

Overall very happy with the whole process. Mike has shipped necessary cable/tools to my favorite installer here in Raleigh, NC and did the whole thing over the internet. Smooth, quick and very convenient.

My installer (Dan Connor @ Bimmer Performance Center is a Certified BMW Master Technician and is also impressed with Mike. They are a reputable shop. I see a lot of race cars there often for engine work. He had a lot of questions for Mike before he put his seal of approval on this upgrade. Afterwards Dan said: This guy definitely knows his stuff.

Thank you Mike!

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