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@smc6079 - I'll be sure to keep that in mind. Money saving is probably a big part in buying such an expensive car..thanks for the effort you put into your post, haha
@jdogg2000 - thanks for the backround and all the positive feedback. Appreciate it!
@Mloyalty - you probably read the first sentence of this thread, haha. Go back and read the whole thing. Definitely not looking to own an M3 at 16. I would kill myself so fast. I'm talking about looking into them when I'm in late 20s or whenever they are affordable for me.
@py0413 - I try to take pretty good care of myself. I would say I do. Can't wait to see what new E9x's bmw produce in the future years though.
@BV335 - as I said before, definitely not getting an M3 anytime soon at all. I drive my dads old 2006 Honda Accord with 160hp and 140k miles on it, haha. Not going anywhere fast. I feel like I'll break it if I go over 4k rpms, haha. Wish you the best with your future '13 M3 though! M4 seems like It will be really cool.