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Originally Posted by Mloyalty View Post
Too much car. Too young.
As a 31 year old, I'd like to think I'm more mature these days as oppossed to when I was 18, haha. But I'd have to agree with the above.

OP, no offense but unless you're VERY mature when you're ready to buy I'd start with something less powerful. Example: When I graduated high school my parents bought me a brand new Integra GSR, 170hp and 140lb of torque; that was PLENTY back then. Looking back I still drove that more wreckless than I should have, street racing ect ect.

I don't want to turn away your passion and enthusiam for a great car (M3). But perhaps if you have chance to get one, really, really, really, look into some lesson on how to handle that beauty. It would probably be a great learning experience and prepare you for that much car.

Then again the M4 is coming out so you may move on to something new. Me, I plan on a 13' M3 (LAST of THE V8's) in 15' around the same time my 335 CPO expires. Unless the M4 is incredible of course.