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Originally Posted by MP0WER View Post
If the article below and the sources in which these findings came from all said that gun violence disappeared in the UK and your country after the new laws, many Americans would like to follow suit. However, even if gun violence did vanish completely in Australia and the UK, it wouldn't likely work that way in America.
Why must everything be absolute? I dont understand the argument that unless an action reduces the risk of something to zero, it should not be undertaken at all. Massacres are not zero in these places, but regardless of that article, there are a ton of metrics will all suggest that gun fatalities per 100K people in the USA are much, much higher than these other places. If 10 thousand die per year, then reducing it to zero would be ideal of course, but isnt reducing it to 5000 better than leaving it at 10000 ?

The Australian gun murder rates post-Port Arthur massacre have fallen, but not a factor of 10 or anything. However, they werent in the same ballpark as American gun fatalities before that. They had less room to fall. They went from having few guns and some controls, to even fewer guns and even more controls. If you were to implement some more controls here, since there is so much more room for improvement, the results would be more dramatic.

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The vast number of gun related homicides in this country are due to inner city violence. Again, i'm not as well versed in the culture of Austrailia and the UK but i'm going to guess that what ever drug problem there is in your neck of the woods pales in comparison with the drug problem in America. This is the seed in which the vast majority of gun violence stems.
Yup, DOJ stats prove that inner city gangs skew the numbers. So, then you would support legalizing pot and a variety of other contraband to stop the gang wars then ? After all, we know the violence caused by prohibition, and how that didnt work.