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Originally Posted by Gemcoska View Post
So I just went to the sears website and it says that this battery is not compatible with my 2008 M3...

Instead it reccommends:
Sears Item# 02833148000 | Model# 33148
DieHard Gold Automotive Battery - Group Size H6/48
730 CCA
Lead-Acid <---- I KNOW THIS IS WRONG!

Can someone ease my mind here and tell me that the first battery is the correct one? Its about $179 right now
that will work but thats not the one.. Sears will suggest a different battery. make sure you get the Group size 49... keep in mind that there are 2 types none AGM and AGM...

unfortunately i bought mine for $138.. it was on sale thats why i opted for the sears... dealer was asking close to $250 and i have not heard bad things about sears AGM battery... keep in mind that there will be additional cost for coding which is why i also opted for sears.

if you wait every week or everyday they keep changing their price... mine went down to 138 including the coupon code i added which you can find at

FYI: make sure to whoever going to code/register your battery that the specs are 92ah and 850cca....