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Originally Posted by Templar View Post
Question for you CPA's and smart tax folks. I'm active duty Army, so I feel that I have little to no control over my income. Is it even possible for me to adjust my withholding so that I do not get a refund and do not owe anything come tax time? I don't know of any method I could use to do so in the military... I usually always get a refund. Depending on deployed time, it can be a lot or not so much, but I don't remember a year since I started filing taxes that I haven't gotten a refund.
Honestly I think its more of a question for the Army / HR within the army. While a CPA could help you calculate what should be withheld, we can't change the amount the Army withholds, that's up to them. All you could do is basically take it in to them and ask to reduce withholdings based on prior years and calculations.

Do you donate to charity and other things - is that what is driving the refund? Because they can't predict (nor will they) that.