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Originally Posted by mdosu View Post
problem is, you have to pay sales tax again. Believe me that's the major thing that's stopping me. Mine is 6% on the sticker...yikes, there goes $2,500 for a "CIC upgrade" or "extra warranty". Money would be better spent actually buying the extended warranty.

I'm sticking with my baby. I have all options, no mechanical issues, low mileage (26k), all major maintenance just perfomed before free maintenance ran out, I don't think the grass is that much greener on the other side for me, unless I REALLY want DCT or ZCP or another color, which isn't the case.
As of March 1st in Georgia the way they tax vehicles has changed drastically. You used to pay sales tax (5-9% depending on county) and then a yearly Ad Valorem tax($500+ on an E90). You also wouldn't pay any sales tax on private party used car sales.

Going forward you'll pay a flat tax rate when you purchase the vehicle, new or used, and then never have to pay a yearly tax on it again. This tax is 6.5% in 2013-2014 and 7% in 2015+. You pay this at the time of vehicle purchase and its based off 'fair market value' of the vehicle.

This probably doesn't belong in this thread but I just thought I would let any GA potential buyers know if you want to buy a car private party now is the time to do it.