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Originally Posted by Merlosso View Post
I'm not the expert here but it I seriously doubt this is possible. Yes, the DCT rev-matches but the way it works in the 370Z and the C7 Vette is based on where you're moving the stick. If you are in fourth and move into the gate for third, the car will match the revs. We do not have any such sensors that detect what gate we're moving into in order to know what to rev to.

Instead you gotta learn how to do it the old fashioned way and rev it yourself. It's actually a lot more fun that way. Sure, it takes ton of practice but that makes it even more satisfying when you get it right.
Thanks for the info.

I know the 370Z does it, thats why I asked because it sounds interesting if our M3 manual would do that, rather than you know having to do it ourself, but yes is more fun doing it yourself.
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