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Originally Posted by 1MOREMOD View Post
your right dct is cheating. this stuff partially comes about naturally as you try to get faster. you have little revelations every couple times you go that make you faster and it feels easier at the same time. i have a turn one approach at my local track that is 140 in so i know the feeling but that is also very fun getting correct. i do a 5th to 3rd skip shift(something no instructor pointed out i should do) just at the end of very hard braking almost same time as my turn in. getting that entry speed correct is crucial because its a long sweeper and want to be at max traction as soon as possible and not waste time taking a set in the turn. whats so fun about this sport is there is infinite room for improvement. each little tweek means you have to change 5 other things so that change can be fully utilized. its maddening.
I agree it feels great when you get it right. On my last session of the last day of the season I hit a couple of sweet heel-toes and it felt awesome. The rest of it was just plain ugly.
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