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Originally Posted by Team Plutonium View Post
I had two Dinan tunes and now a ESS tune.

First off, the Dinan tune is not covered under the BMW warranty. Dinan has its own warranty that replaces the BMW one. Depending on the dealership and your SA and tech this can be a hassle if you need to use it.

In terms of performance it is hard for me to make a comparison since I added the ESS tune when I got the blower. But I had a couple of issues with the Dinan tune during cold start-ups... it would through a CEL code from time to time. Never gotten a code with the ESS tune.

Last, the ESS tune allows me to pass inspection with the cat-less x-pipe. In NY you'll pass with only one stored fault code. A cat less system (even with a tune) will normally store two codes, making it impossible to pass.

So I say ESS all the way.

Hope that helps.
I second. I have the Dinan mid and rear exhaust and got the tune and loved it. It is conservative but I did care about stretching the cars limits..... Then I got the ESS Super Charger lol. And love it.

B4 you get a tune find out what your plans are for the car in the future. My point is I waisted my money on the 1st tune since I ended up SC'ing the car.