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Originally Posted by JR429 View Post
I honestly have never heard of a GTR blowing their stock transmission that wasn't modded or doing back to back hard launches on the car. In fact I have heard of FAR MORE DCT failures. The "problem" with the GTR is that it's extremely easy to make an extra 75HP, and fairly easy to make an extra 200HP. That's what's breaking the trannies... I think the transmission is a non-issue. The consumables definitely is an issue clutch fluid $1100, brakes $2200, tires $2800, and that was in the first 11k miles LOL. Well put the GTR is a sledge hammer, not a great daily driver (I don't daily drive mine), whereas the M3 is drivable daily. Of course the M3 is also a lot slower...
that's bullshit.. please go to gtrlife (nagtroc) and you'll see plenty of 2009-10 GTRs that have been stock and had tranny issues. Infact I recall a brand new 2012 GTR that had a tranny issue right off the dealer floor. I can go dig up the threads but too lazy (and don't care )

M3 is obviously a lot slower on the track ... but its fun