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Originally Posted by MP0WER View Post
There are only but a few organizations, corporations and individuals with the same resolve to preserve our gun rights, so support the few that do.
True. The NRA list contains those who are "in opposition with NRA goals", how about I put it that way. That list has 141 entries, but it's not companies, it's organizations. Each organization has thousands of members who are involved in different entities and companies.

If it's really about reasonable interpretations of constitutional rights, I wonder why it's so hard to find a bigger list of entities who are friendly to the cause?? Or, to put it another way, why is it so easy to compile such a wide-ranging list of entities who are unfriendly to your cause?

That seems like the kind of battle that would easily enjoy a majority of support, especially among the educated, analytic professionals who are disproportionately represented in their list.

Originally Posted by MP0WER View Post
I try to not do business with companies who were known to donate to Obama's campaign etc... Do you not do the same in some respect?
Yes, and fortunately the list of entities there is much more limited, so I can still avoid them as a practical matter, and conduct my life.

The NRA list is so encompassing it would be hard to find someone who has no association with the list if you want to avail yourself of the services of any lawyer, or doctor, or nurse, or pastor/priest/religious leader, or even police officer. Hell, even the American Firearms Association is on their list. I'm sure it's because they support background checks.

If everyone else is not your friend, what does that say ? Everyone is marching out of step but my son John.

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