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Originally Posted by SROC5 View Post
Stock GT-R perhaps there's a chance. An M3 will do 0-120 in about 10.5 seconds, GT-R is somewhere at 10 sec. flat or tad below. So if the GT-R driver was a little late on the throttle, the M3 could keep up with the half second delay. Barely keep up mind you, but definitely hang in there. The M would not be left in the dust per se.
LOL WTF GTR versus M3 off the line it's not even close. When I run M3's I don't bother launching and wait for the M3 to go. LOL

What was surprisingly close was the 991 Porsche Carrera S PDK I raced two days ago. That car is impressively fast off the line and through maybe 100mph...
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