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Originally Posted by gthal View Post
Can I get some of the stuff you are smoking J/K

Seriously, the GT-R would eat the M3 on a track. They are in different performance categories. A GT-R is more than 40 seconds faster at the 'Ring... that's like an eternity and not even close. GT-R plays with the GT3-RS, GT2-RS, ZR1, 458... NOT an M3.
Sure, have a puff

Geez, everyone is so sensitive here...I'm not saying nor have I ever said the GT-R wouldn't win at the track. Of course it would obliterate the M3 on the Ring and any track throughout the race. What I'm saying is in that specific straight away moment (per OP comment), a GT-R might not leave the M3 a few car lengths immediately if the GT-R driver skipped a beat on the throttle out of the turn.

LOLz, but hey, I am smoking some mighty good stuff over here

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