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Originally Posted by MiddleAgedAl View Post
Unless, of course, you support the efforts of any one of the 141 organizations listed below.

(take your time, the list covers an extremely large scope; almost every major religious denomination and ethnic group is represented, as well as almost every medical association you can think of.)

These groups have all made the NRA's official enemies list.

I can't tell if the feeling is reciprocal; oddly enough, these groups dont seem to have made room on their websites to list their enemies.

But remember, the NRA is not just an advocate for the gun manufacturers, it serves the people*.

*the people who derive no benefit from the work done by any of those organizations. As long as you've never set foot in a hospital or church of any kind, then joining the NRA probably doesn't put you at risk of being a hypocrite.
First off, the NRA doesn't have an "Official Enemies List" on their website. The have a list of corporations, organizations and individuals who are either Ok with or and advocate of stripping away american citizens' gun rights. In the NRA's words it's a list of "National Organizations With Anti-Gun Policies". Not a dramatic... "Official Enemy List".

Second, thank you for further illustrating my point that gun owners need to act if they want to keep their rights. The list above is just the organizations, Al didn't list the corporations or individual celebrity list. There are only but a few organizations, corporations and individuals with the same resolve to preserve our gun rights, so support the few that do.

As a concerned citizen, i try to be aware of what companies i do business with. I would rather do business with companies who advocate the same american ideals i do. This isn't only in regards to gun rights. I try to not do business with companies who were known to donate to Obama's campaign etc... Do you not do the same in some respect?

However it needs to work is fine with me. If representing the gun manufacturer's interest creates a by product that preserves my rights to keep and bare arms, then so be it. It's not like there are another 141 organizations even remotely fighting for my constitutional rights.
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