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Originally Posted by jteef View Post
There's not a whole lot of car enthusiasm around here, although there are plenty of cool cars around. I saw an Alpina Z8 and a Fisker Karma today at the Publix. My 1M gets almost no attention.

There's a BMW CCA club that has a meet about once / quarter.

There's a Porsche Club that meets in Destin every month with a few cool cars/owners. That yellow Enzo owner showed up to their annual car show last fall Same dude owns an 840hp Ford GT

There's a meetup at the Swamp first tuesday? of every month, although it is mostly JDM. I haven't been to this in a couple years.

Smith Motorworks in Panama City brought some pretty cool cars out last year, so that's where I'd start for modding. I don't have good experience with the local shops or the stealer.
The guy who owns the Ford GT, is his name "Cash", as in, "Cash's Liquors"?

I think we might be talking about the same guy.