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this looks fantastic! only a few cars can pull this off and this car is one of them.

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lol Yea buddy

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This wrap looks amazing and im not a huge fan of wraps to begin with. Good luck with the trunk portion
Thanks, im heading to Premier Graphics right now to re-do fenders and try to cover the bootlid.

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This is absolutely GORGEOUS Im Alpine White as well and have always wanted to do or have thought about a matte white color! This satin white is absolutely gorgeous in every way. It shows the angles of the car very very well...You have made me just make up my mind and do the satin white because A: it looks freaking awesome
B: it "protects" your paint
C: it completely changes the look of the car
D: its completely REVERSIBLE if you ever go to sell it in the future

The only thing is you have to have someone that does wraps and I know he is one of the best in the business. Luckily, he is only 20 min away from my house and has done work for me in the past on previous vehicles and is absolutely amazing. I think with saddle brown interior this color combination will be second to none!! Congrats man, you have a beautiful vehicle!!

Do you do wraps for a living or did you just do this in your free time?!? If you just did this in your free time I have to hand it to you and say you did one hell of a job! Cant even tell its a wrap IMO
I used to wrap with the company a couple years back, but I didn't have any part of this install. They put their 2 most senior guys on it and it took them almost 3 days. Its one of the cleanest installs I have seen, they really took their time and it shows in all the details.

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Looks very good

I am usually not a fan of mate colours, but this one is very nice

When I read you were going to post pics with your SLR, I thought: lucky guy, owns two great cars. So I quickly scrolled down to se the M3 with the SLR. Then I figured single lens reflex, silly me
Thanks! Technically it's not matte, its a Satin finish (10-20% gloss i believe) HAHA I wish i was rolling an SLR also. Maybe one of these days haha.

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Love the color combo... perfectly done
Quick question (and not to thread jack): I'm taking a photography class, so am curious what you are doing when you set the camera on the tripod (unless all of them were after it broke). Are you using shutter priority and leaving the shutter open for a longer time, or using full manual? Complete newb question, I know. I just got a tripod today for my Canon 6D so thought I'd ask how you get those amazing shots. Any advice would help
No worries. Yea it broke before I could even set up shop to shoot the ///M. I normally take different exposure shots via keeping the shutter open for different lengths of time, then combined 2-4 exposures into a HDR image in photomatix. Then after that I will export to lightroom/photoshop and do some final edits/touchups. These were point and shoot with very very mild editing. I'm planning on a very indepth shoot this weekend weather permitting if my new tripod comes in!

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Mirin E92 M3
U aware?
U mirin?
I can confirm, I am M3.