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For full disclosure, vendors should also provide full disclosure whether you're a distributor when making a recommendation. We view EAS in the highest respect in terms of reputation as a vendor and mechanics for our cars, but it's just better for all of us to have a disclosure.

that said, I'm not a petro engineer, and I can probably understand an engineering report if provided for both oils for a high revving engine like ours. But I haven't seen a formal report nor comparative that tests both oils in a substanitally similar engine/condition, other than someone saying, "yeah, trust me, it's better..."

that's why I'm sticking to the recommended TWS Motorsports (now TWS Edge Professional). Yes I'm aware BMW has a contract with BP/Castrol regarding this, but we have to at least believe BMW did their engineering due deligience on this. I at least drink the cool-aid on this part.

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