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Originally Posted by Sean Alexander View Post
I don't see a benefit, but I'm not a lubricant engineer or BMW warranty claims specialist. I do however know that BMW's S54 engines suffered failures in the first two model years of the E46 M3. One of the remedies BMW implemented was to insist on Castrol TWS Motorsport 10W60 oil. (Now apparently known as Castrol Edge Professional 10W60) They still recommend it to this day. Full disclosure: BMW is a partner of Castrol, so I would imagine they wouldn't tell us, even if there was a "better" oil we could use.

However, if you are inside your warranty period, I would definitely stick with the prescribed Castrol, so as not to give BMW an easy excuse to decline any engine related warranty repairs.
Agree..I wouldnt want to "guess" using a different oil..LiquiMoly for top offs would be fine..but I would stick with the Castrol for oil changes