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Fantastic, I really enjoy TFATF movies. I thought Fast Five was fantastic (especially the bowling ball bank vault haha. Reminded me of Rico in Just Cause 2!), and I really like how they've taken the series into a sort of Oceans 11 with cars feel. Obviously the movies themselves are ridiculous and completely unbelieveable, but that's what makes them so much fun. I think the Rock is a fantastic addition to the series, as I've always enjoyed his work. Definitely looking forward to this one!

One thing I *really* don't get however, is why Han keeps popping up. He died in Tokyo Drift, so it's weird that they keep bringing him back. I guess these movies are supposed to be prequels to Tokyo Drift, but I wish they'd explain it. After all, they've brought Lita back so whatever. I'd also like to see Sean from Tokyo Drift make an appearance in that Mustang.
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