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Originally Posted by adc View Post
That engine just makes more power, it's not better. With that big power comes massive turbo lag, big fuel consumption, and reduced long term reliability (just because it doesn't blow up on the dyno, it doesn't mean it will last 150 k miles).

And Audi had a turbo 5 cylinder that could be taken to 600 BHP in the 80s, and to 900BHP in the early 90s. Google Dahlback Audi and enjoy.

But they're just not better engines, simply because they can make more power.
So you're going to stick to the story that the bmw inline 6 turbocharged engine is the BEST turbocharged engine in the whole world?

I don't think there's anything wrong with the engine. It's proven itself in multiple bmw cars, but when you throw the word "best" around that's where I feel that you are wrong because there are a lot of cars out there with better turbocharged engines imho.