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Originally Posted by smohr33 View Post
When you cut the sheathing off the extension cord, the wires should have white or black insulation. If not though, try to follow the wires from the prong, the larger prong is the neutral which is the white wire.

If you're going to switch it, why not hardwire it? If you're hanging this on the wall, you could use the rooms existing wiring or daisy chain it, and put a switch on the wall next to it or add a switch next to an existing light switch.
Originally Posted by Lagger1 View Post
^this. No extension cords. Buy some romex & daisy chain off an existing light switch. wht-wht, blk-blk, will prob be no ground. GL
Thanks for the heads up guys... I don't want to hard wire the lights because my fiance will ultimately end up moving it around, and I'm also renting -- so I don't want to cut open the wall, etc...

Smohr, you are 100% on. The Lowes Electrician said the same thing - larger prong/left is the neutral/white, and the right prong is the hot/black. White-white, black-black, ground-ground - should be all set to go. I also got the wire caps and electrical tape for peace-of-mind.

I also checked the vanity light (3-bulb), and it has 3 wires... white, black (both sheathed), and ground (unsheathed). therefore, i got an extension cord with 3 wires - and I'll be following your instructions.

I'm actually planning to wire the two vanity's together - so I can run one extension cord off of this. 6 bulbs - so I don't think it'll be too much on the socket.

Thanks again for all your helpful advice.