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iPod5 intermittent speaker failure

My iPod Touch G5 intermittently plays audio through its own speakers instead of through the car. It's connected via console USB on my 2011-3/4 M3 with 6FL and UPD01006, using the Apple Lightning-to-USB cable.

This happens about 25% of the time I boot the car's system, and will not go away until I let the car go into "sleep" mode by letting it sit for a while (just shutting off and restarting the car won't fix it, and unplugging & re-plugging the iPod won't fix it). It's really annoying to start up the car and hear this faint audio playing from inside the console

When this happens, I still have full control of the iPod via the car UI including album art, etc.

The iPod Touch 5G replaced an old iPod Classic 80GB which never had this problem.

Anybody else run into this?