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Originally Posted by Alekshop View Post
Regarding your brakes overheating issue, I would suggest to put R888 a side and use a street tire ... That itself will help you to solve the heating issue ... Tires like R888 have a much better grip and brakes have to work much much harder. You don't see race cars running slicks and some sort of stock brakes ... They all have BBK because all those components works together. If you decide to keep running R888 sooner or later you will run out of option on how to make your stock brakes perform better.
Hey that's right--I remember chatting with you about the Lime Rock you were driving.

I've been running the RE-11s on the car for a pretty long time. They are a great tire, and I have about six track days on the set on my car right now--in addition to about 35,000 street miles.

But I don't believe that running them will help with my heat issues. When I melted/burst the brake line at T'Hill, I was running the RE-11s. And I had major heat/pad wear issues with almost every track day I've run on the stock tires.

It probably comes down to driving style and perhaps a BBK. I am not sure how much it helps me, but I do tend to brake very late & hard--and I probably slow the car more than I need to. I did ride with an instructor, and he suggested that I "stab the brakes, and then turn." I try to follow that advice, but don't always suceed. It does seem easier on the brakes, tho. I do have a Skip Barber class coming up soon--maybe that'll help.

And since I seem to melt just about every pad out there (street or r-compound tires), and my DIY ducting hasn't improved things at all, I am just not 100% sure if I will see any meaningful improvement with a BBK. I just think the car needs some serious Jenny Craig.

Fortunately, when my brake line burst, it happened just after I returned to the pits. It could have been pretty bad if it happened a minute earlier:

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