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Originally Posted by Anthony90 View Post
$300 the hour...

IŽll shot my boss for better payment
It's cheaper than our manufacturers charge for their install time, so it seems fair to us.

Originally Posted by MrRetep View Post
Damn, I thought I was overpaid! lol, well if you need someone that knows what they're doing. I'll do it for half of that and you can keep the other halfl
I know what I'm doing enough to be dangerous, and when I don't know, I just claim it's some obscure thing and open a support ticket over it with somebody who can give me the answer in about 30 minutes. The majority of the companies we sell for charge upwards of $450 an hour for what I did last night and we can easily charge (with markup, but still below list) $1500 for rack and stack. So when you look at that price, we are actually a bargain.

Originally Posted by BrokenVert View Post
I dont see why my job has anything to do with it. Just head to the pub on your lunch break!
Always good to go to the pub on any break you can. Granted, living and working in the midwest, this may be slightly more accepted than other places.
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I can never have cross dressing fun nothing ever fits!