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Originally Posted by dmk08 View Post
I can definitely do that!

Yes the original OEM mod where you cut open the top of the can, replace the perforated pipes with solid ones, and weld the can closed. This still flows the exhaust through the helmholtz chambers but not the dampening ones.

Version 2 actually just replaces the pipes in the dampening chambers and makes it a strait pipe.

My house is 45 mins away from Tucker if we needed to swap there or do you have a place in tucker we could do it?


Gotcha. I prefer the V1 (EAS) method to the V2 (ACM) method so this works.

The reason i'll be in Tucker is because I will be getting a combox installed in my car. I'm supposed to be at the shop around 9-9:30am. The install takes ~3 hours so if you want to come there, I could ask the guy doing the install if he has the tools/space for us to do the swap. I'd give you some cash for gas.