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Calling all Electricians!!! Need help on a small project !

Hi guys,

Calling all electricians!

I'm attempting to do a small project, but wanted to chime in for some advice. What i'm looking to do is make a Hard-wire Light Vanity into a Pluggable one...

I just bought a make-up vanity for my fiance, and want to add those 4 bulb light fixtures to each side of the mirror. Unfortunately, those light fixtures are made to be hard-wired, but I've read on a few sites that I can just convert those light fixtures into a pluggable one -- by just splicing the wires off of an extension cord, and re-wiring the lines...

So, i'm going to do this... I'm going to buy a couple of those light fixtures, a couple of extension cords, electrical tape, maybe some wire connector covers...

Is there anything I should watch out for - or anything special I need to do? When it comes to anything electrical, i'm a true novice -- i really have no idea what I'm doing.

Any advice on this topic would be really helpful. If you can let me know what I need to get, what i need to do, etc. (so I don't burn the house down), that would be great.

Many thanks in advance for your help!