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Originally Posted by adc View Post
If you have some actual contributions other than one line wisdom pearls, please feel free to post them.

I didnt think the engine in the GTR is technologically superior to the N54. Engine wise, the GTR i test drove felt like a more powerful 335, and sounded worse. Similar turbo lag and throttle response but of course more power. Is there some magic technology inside that makes you say that? or are you confusing technology with horsepower? because for the brief they were created on, BMW's engines are very very good. The N54/N55/N20 weren't created to compete with a Porsche turbo, but with other mid priced luxury and entry luxury cars, and there's nothing in that segment that can touch them IMO.

The engine in a 911 turbo probably costs more than the whole 335, and the only technical superiority that i am aware of is the variable geometry turbo. Then again BMW has Valvetronic which is very nifty technology. I mean granted, those other engines are heavily reinforced to support massive amounts of boost, but I don't think that counts as a technological advancement - that has been around since the 80s.

You may agree with my ideas or not, but how do your consider BMW to not be technologically advanced? As compared to whom?

You can criticize them for a lack of vision for not playing in certain segments, like the R8. I do. You can criticize them for reneging on some of their core brand values such as driving dynamics. I do. You can criticize their styling or whatnot. It's been done.

But I don't think you can criticize them on the technology front, they are simply some of the best.

To get things back on track with this thread, I don't at all admire AMG's approach to create a capable engine, then simply selling it in various states of tune and charging increasing amounts of money for the different tunes. I think they should have come out of the gate with the best engine they knew how to build in the C63. None of this piecemeal stuff, and if you have a 2 year old C63 then it's completely obsolete. Of course, that's just my opinion and since I'll probably never own an AMG its most likely irrelevant to the brand.
I never said that it wasn't technologically advanced. The inline 6 turbo from bmw is a fine engine, but when you call it the best then that's where I take issue as there are many turbocharged engines that are better. Now if you said that the bmw inline 6 turbocharged engine is the best for the price, then you could be right. You stated that it was the best turbocharged engine in the industry and thats where you are wrong. A 15 year old 2JZ-GTE engine with the same 3 liters displacement and inline six configuration can be tuned for a lot more reliable power.