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Originally Posted by gthal View Post
Maybe... Maybe not. Check the "regular" 2012 C63 'Ring time compared to the e92 M3 and report back (hint, it is faster by 4 seconds). You aren't giving the revised C63 credit for its handling and braking. Both of which are very close to the M3 but the almost 100hp advantage of the 507 will more than make up the difference.

Having said that, times only mean so much as the M3 is still the better overall track car IMO but you are nuts to think the 507 won't be faster on most tracks. The only tracks where the M3 will be as fast IMO are very short, very tight tracks and, even then, maybe not.
i didn't even look at track times, i'm merely thinking of the tons of comparison tests in the e92's class where the m3 wins.
in the hands of a professional, i would imagine they are close in performance, but to the every day driver and occasional track visitor, the m3 will still be superior.
the c63 507 is almost getting into the "apples to oranges" category... as its price is significantly higher as well as the power. mercedes is so focused on beating an m3 that came out in 2007 they are packing a crazy powerful motor into their c63 platform and skipping over what makes an Mcar perform like it does- lower weight, better handling, and adequate power used efficiently.