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M3 vs GTR, GT3RS 4.0, 550ia, 458 Italia, etc

Track day today in so cal, above cars were all new models except my '11 M3 sedan comp pkg, dct, stock, 25k miles and 10k on PSS tires, never been to this track before.

The stock m3 is an incredible car if you trust it, can drive decently, and are aggressive. Turned in the fastest lap in the midday segment, and top 4 car of the day out of 25 cars (in addition to above, vettes, other non comp pack m3, m3 cab, 335, camaros, etc).
The faster cars were a custom built mustang Shelby gt500 supercharged, suspension etc, in an original 1967 car, the 458, and the Porsche gt3rs 4.0.

I am by no means a good driver, my 3rd track day ever. A middle aged dude now but with video game reflexes.

Stock m3 kept up with the gt3 quite well even on the straights at 130 mph, the gt3 wasn't pulling away. Surprised me.
The GTR ( I owned a '09 model, this one was a '12 black edition) would get on gas early and start pulling like a train away, and then the m3 would hold pace. In turns the m3 would catch up and I would have to hold back. Down the straight it was very close....surprising again.
New 335ia with nice 20" grippy tires was no match.

What I didn't like about the m3: even with comp package seats, you fall out and around them far too much, headroom with helmet is non existent for a 6'1" driver, too much lean in corners (overall the weight of the m3 can really be felt), paddle shifters should be taller ala Scuderia and 458, but that's it. Weight is the biggest issue, and the seats next. Nitpicking there.

What's to love: dct exceptional on track, m settings to fullest including traction in highest race mode never interfered or kicked in, the car was very stable and would have to be a maniac to screwup, brakes worked fine for 8-10 lap segments at a time, aim for an apex and hit it steering.

If it weren't my dd I would improve the suspension, get far more dedicated tires, and add another 40+ hp to improve the straights performance.

Sorry for any typos, damn tired.

Obv better drivers and different outcomes above. But this was today, with hot cars and some good drivers.

Best, D