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Originally Posted by Mike Benvo View Post
Ok - looks like there is some interest.

There was a customer that had his car dynoed before and after in North Carolina today. I'm excited for him to share the results. Nice gain in horsepower and torque on a car with stock primary cats, all the way through the range (Dynojet, with the 48" rollers). Also did a few other things, Euro DCT, Euro MDM etc..

jagman: GB price will be around $900 (For Stage I and II). This is for engine software only. DCT flashes are in person, until I have some time to test this with the cable and have 100% guaranteed success rates. I never release anything not fully tested. As far as being up in SF, I've been speaking with McKenna BMW and we might be offering a group buy up there.

SSJVegita: This is months out. Theoretically coding support could be added to the existing cables as well, so the existing ones might get coding support when the newer ones are released. I can't say for certain right now.

Any others that would like to join, please add your name to the list. Cables for the group buy will not be shipping until late March most likely because I need to address a huge backlog of 400+ emails and a couple other projects I've put on hold (F10 M5 and N55 tuning, and a few other things) before I take on round two of the group buy.

Thanks everyone!

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I'm In. Question - I don't have HFC/Primary delete yet but will be doing it in the near future. If it's not done pre-tune what would the cost be to upgrade afterwards as this is special pricing?