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Originally Posted by 335soldier View Post
yeah, i am in iraq right now and let me give you a little insight...
when we're driving baghdad and insurgents send machinegun fire, rpg's and ied's my way (sometimes all at the same time)... i begin to honk and push in our 'uparmored' humvee mostly because i dont want to die. i've seen it all too often when just being a sitting duck. its not because i am an obnoxious, ignorant, american occupier with no sensitivity or compassion... the enemy is smart and knows how to hit you when you dont expect it, so to i try to get from point a to b as quick as possible if need be, honking and pushing with regard to not killing the innocent.
and the big thing.... i do wonder about my healthcare if one of those rockets does hit.
Puts things into perspective doesn't it. We're complaining about healthcare or lack of here, and we have boyz over in the sandy armpit of the world fighting dying so we can sit here and bitch about things.

Hooah soldier ...keep kicking ass and keep your ass down