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Sister is looking for a new car; advice?

Hi guys,

I'll try to make this as concise as possible. My sister (22) is in the market for a new car. She has had a 2001 Acura RSX since she turned 16 and is now handing it off to our other sister. I'll try to just make cliff notes of her situation and let you guys throw out some ideas.

-New or barely used car that will last 8-10 years without problems.
-Low maintenance (so German cars aren't looking good for her)
-Needs great gas mileage (over 30 at least)
-Not a hybrid
-SUV or sedan only
-Price range: under ~$30k
-Aesthetically it needs to look good, but she doesn't need high HP or torque.
-She will be getting married a year 1/2 from now, so probably 2-3 young kids in the next 10 years.
-She'll be living in seasonal weather (midwest or upper south) so snow isn't really an issue.
-I really want her to get a BMW or Audi, but the high-performance engines don't get very good MPG's and are expensive to work on as you all know.

I think I covered everything. Right now some names being tossed out there are Hyundai Sonata, low mileage F30 328i, Acura MDX or TSX, Mazda CX-5's, Honda Accord.

Any suggestions are appreciated!


Edit: Sorry, I just realized I was one forum off! This should probably be in non-BMW auto section but BMW's may still be in the conversation so oh well!