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Originally Posted by e90.navid
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Um he didnt get kicked off the track lol! His front tire got fucked and he didn't wanna track cuz he had to make it back home... Btw he only gave u shit cuz u didn't want let a 335 pass you since it was pretty much taking a dump on ur face. Learn how to give point by's. Oh and it was his first time ever on a track.
He did let him pass and that's only because he didn't want your friend to do what he just did in this video. Face it your friend was fast but he was also wreckless and stupid. Unlike your friend many people on this forum pay for their own car and cherish their car a lot more than he does. His parents are just gonna buy him another nice car for him to total again unless he gets his shit straight with driving...
Did I say he wasn't wreck less? I thought i mentioned how they are stupid and immature drives who only know how to hit a gas pedal. Considering the fact that he didn't spin out or anything I don't think this would have happened at the track I think it would have happened where it happened. Face the fact that he was shitting on your friend in a 335. Not sure what he drives now or if he even drives.