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Originally Posted by 1MOREMOD View Post
i have a loaded up 328 in my driveway right now. my first experince with the 2013 model. first time ive used stop start, heads up display, looks like it might have lane departure as well. some quick comments. stop start isnt nearly as annoying as i thought it would be. the exterior is growing on me some even the front end which i at first hated. car feels quick and seems to deliver very good mileage. the interior on the other hand i dont care for. i like the red stitching and thats about it. the switchgear looks cheap like a civic. the nav screen is ugly the way it sticks out and doesnt retract. the red aluminum strip across the dash is dumb. not a fan of the piano black trim used on the doors. i couldnt get comfortable in the seats. it feels like i do sit down in it more as i have more headroom than in the m3, but it also seems the window and hoodline is higher. the hood is at my neck level almost and im not short. not sure what M division can do with this turd
The outside of the car, IMO, with an M Sport package looks nice.

I agree with you on the interior, there are component/elements in it that are decidedly cost cutting. The IDrive knob and surrounding button assembly is cheap feeling plastic.

I haven't been in one, but I would image the M Sport has a more upscale interior.

If(when) I move into a new M, it will probably be a M4 ( or M4 Grandsport(?))