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Originally Posted by san~man View Post
... It's not their responsibility to give cars behind them a "heads up," it's the responsibility of the driver in the back to keep a safe distance...
Originally Posted by puffer View Post
... Here in socal, there are long stretches of straight flat freeways. You can't always see what is in front of a truck no matter how far behind it you are.
No, I never follow close enough that if the car in front of me suddenly stopped, I couldn't stop or avoid it. And if I can't see beyond of the car in front of me, I fall back farther to see, or drive a little closer to the line to see around.

It annoys me when I'm following a car with a safe amount of distance and another car merges between us. If a deer runs into the highway or traffic is stopped ahead, they're toast. Clearly they don't realize the physical limitations of the their 15 yr old honda civic... or the laws of physics.