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Originally Posted by M3 Esq. View Post
The M3 driver was driving at high speeds on a well travelled public road. Not sure how you can say the M3 driver wasn't putting others in danger. The smart thing to do is to let the idiot in the 335 pass and move on with your life.

i think you misunderstood my point here. the m3 driver wasnt driving AS stupid and moronic as the 335 driver. but still very close to it. dont get me wrong both of them are stupid and immature drivers and i agree with what everyone has to say. my initial point was to the person whom said that the 335 driver got kicked off the track when he didnt and the m3 driver was the one who almost got kicked off for not giving point by's. both drivers used to be friends of mine but not anymore. although it may seem as i think of them as my "buddy" i could 2 fucks for both of them.